OPENING: Friday, April 12, 2019 from 7 to 9 PM

APRIL 14, 2019-MAY 12, 2019

Lindsay Burke

Sophia Frydman

Ben K. Voss


But you, I want to look at you until your face escapes from my fear like a bird from the sharp edge of the night.

George Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring Lindsay Burke, Sophia Frydman, and Ben K. Voss. The show title is taken from the poem of the same name by Alejandra Pizarnik, “Paths of the Mirror”, and the title of a Sophia Frydman drawing.

A mirror tells its own truth, verifying and distorting the external world. In their work, Burke, Frydman, and Voss use reflection as a device to guide us, depicting either singular or refracted images. Through repetition and fragmentation, they each take us just to the edge of something, skirting latent desire, the margins of sanity, or the boundaries of time. However, we are only delivered to the periphery, left to interpret the rest.

In Lindsay Burke's work, the human body, naked and erect, is cross-sectioned and dissected, leaving the viewer to complete the body. She gives us a flattened, layered, prismatic view of deconstructed desire. Sophia Frydman's drawings directly depict the mirror. The subjects are viewed both in the mirror and in front of the mirror, twinned but disparate images of the same person. Ben K. Voss's work is the most abstract interpretation of the reflected world. His repeating patterns evoke, in equal measure, maps of ancient villages and blueprints of cities of the future. These are places that do not exist now: we can only think about their existence. 

Through the mirror, whole or broken, these three artists show us poetic, mystical, sexual, and dark alternate realities.